There will be a question on the ballot regarding the Bungalow pool. It will ask if you support the borough borrowing up to $2.5 million to either rehab or replace this facility.
This does not mean anything will happen soon, or even that we would need to borrow that much, but it does let council know if residents even want to pursue fixing or replacing the pool. As most know, Tamaqua residents receive a season pass for just $10 thanks to the JE Morgan Foundation. The pool foundation has serious issues and one day, the patching will no longer work.
The question will be for residents of Tamaqua only.
Please vote and let us know if you care about the pool or not. Both options (repair or replace) are incredibly expensive. This is almost exactly the same type of question that was on the ballot about rehabilitating Owl Creek Reservoir. 
A "YES" vote means you support the borough incurring up to $2.5 million in debt for the purpose of financing the rehab/replacement. A YES vote is pro-pool
A "NO" vote means you do not support incurring this debt for the purpose of financing the rehab/replacement.
A NO vote is anti-pool.
We selected $2.5 million to over estimate. It would allow us to use funds to match grants.