Date:         June 28, 2021

Contact:    Tamaqua Police Department

Phone:      570-668-5000 or 570-668-6100

Fax:          570-668-5818



Fireworks Laws


The Tamaqua Police Department reminds residents that fireworks are regulated by state and local laws and residents may be subject to criminal penalties for the illegal use and possession of fireworks.

The Tamaqua Police Department receives numerous complaints from residents about fireworks being set off during both daytime and nighttime hours.  Fireworks not only disturb people and animals, but can also endanger persons and property.  When used improperly, fireworks can cause fires, property damage and serious injury.

Pennsylvania law regulates the use of consumer or “Class C” fireworks which include firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets and similar products.  Consumer fireworks may not be set off on public or private property without the express permission of the owner.  Furthermore, no person under 18 years of age may ignite or discharge fireworks, and no fireworks may be discharged within 150 feet of an occupied structure.

State and local laws do not pertain to novelty devices such as ground and hand-held sparklers, toy caps and similar items which are allowed at all times.

Display fireworks, such as the large devices used in town-wide special events, require a permit from the Borough of Tamaqua. 

The Tamaqua Police Department will prosecute anyone caught setting off display fireworks.  This is a summary offense and carries a maximum fine of $500.


Questions about fireworks laws may be directed to the Tamaqua Police Department at 570-668-5000 or by calling the Schuylkill County Communication Center non-emergency line at 570-668-6100.  In case of an emergency call 911.