Download the Pick-up Schedule Map

Tamaqua Borough contracts with County Waste for collection of refuse and recyclables. Questions may be directed to County Waste at 570-874-3047 or the borough office at 570-668-0300.

Allowed Refuse:
Maximum 6 bags or containers not to exceed 50 pounds each, one bulky item not to exceed 275 pounds, and all ashes.

  • No appliances with CFCs (refrigerators or A/C units), asbestos, tires, or electronics.
  • No hazardous waste, batteries, paints and oils.

Drop Off Recycling for electronics, tires, or other large items:
Schuylkill County Recycling List (fees apply)

Pickup Schedule:
Monday:          South Ward
Tuesday:          North Ward
Wednesday:    Recycling for the entire Borough
Thursday:        East End and Owl Creek
Friday:             Dutch Hill

Accepted Trash:

  • Normal household waste material
  • Paper products (napkins, tissues, paper towels, etc)
  • Food scraps and other waste
  • Miscellaneous garbage

No sorting or separating required! County Waste provides all residents with a large, green-lidded container available in two sizes and that rolls to the curb. Most find the container useful, but crates, boxes, or other containers also may be used. We encourage you to use the reycling method that works best for you and your home.

Residents may call County Waste to change container size or request a second container. The cans feature large wheels for easy maneuverability and that provide a safe and secure place for your recycling between pickup dates. 

Acceptable for Recycling:
White envelopes
Computer, fax and copy paper
Kraft paper (brown grocery bags)
Magazines and catalogs
Chipboard/box board
Notebook paper
White and colored ledger paper
Paper egg cartons
Soft covered workbooks, phone books, and paperback books
Juice boxes
Junk mail (including envelopes and coupons)
Milk cartons
Glass bottles (green, clear, and brown)
Tin and bi-metallic containers, including aerosol cans
Frozen food cartons
Milk and juice cartons
Aluminum foil and foil pans
Construction paper
Plastic Containers, (No. 1 through 7)  --- no plastic toys and other items
Shredded paper: put in a paper bag or in a clear plastic bag
Keep it in the recycling container

Unacceptable for Recycling:
No caps from plastic bottles
Yard waste and compost
Drinking glass
Broken window glass
Paper towels and napkins
Plastic six-pack holders
Hoses, ropes, wire, chain, or cable
Hard cover books
Plastic bags
Light bulbs

Note: Trash that is placed in a County Waste recycling container will not be picked up. The containers are for recycling only.