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Fire Department

Tamaqua Ambulance

Water and Sewer Department

Code Enforcement and Zoning


Henry Woods, Police Chief
320 E Broad St, Tamaqua
The Tamaqua Police Department works around the clock to ensure the safety and protection of its residents, business owners, and visitors. Tamaqua police officers are dispatched through the Schuylkill County Communications Center.

Contact information

  • Always Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies
  • Non-emergency number for the Tamaqua Police Department: 570-668-5000 (daytime)
  • Non-emergency number for the Schuylkill County Communications Center: 570-668-6100



Fire Department
Four all-volunteer fire companies serve the Tamaqua Area. The Borough encourages residents to support their local volunteer firemen and women by joining one or more of the companies as a member or supporting their annual events and fundraisers. 

Alarm System and Box Numbers/Location
Tamaqua uses an alarm/horn system to alert the community of a fire and its location or call box. To determine the location, count the first set of horn blows for the first number. Following a short pause, count the next set of horn blows for the second number. The alarm will repeat three more times.

Example: Three horn blows, pause, four horn blows, long pause, and repeated three times is Box Number 34. Hear a demo now. Download a printable list of the Box Numbers/Locations or see below:

Tamaqua Fire Companies:

American Hose Fire Company No. 1
39 Mauch Chunk St, Tamaqua

East End Fire Company No. 5
553-555 East Broad St. , Tamaqua
Phone: 570-668-1920

Citizens Fire Company
99 W Rowe Street, Tamaqua
Phone: 570-668-0250

South Ward Fire Company No. 4
325 Vangelder Street, Tamaqua
Phone: 570-668-1650

Ambulance Association
98 North Railroad St, Tamaqua
Non-Emergency: 570-668-3342
The Tamaqua Community Ambulance Association provides emergency medical services to the Borough of Tamaqua under Chief Joel Essington. The association employs 11 EMT-certified first responders and three paramedics.


Water Department

The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2016 is now available.

Pay Your Utility Bills Online at
Call the municipal building at 570-668-0300 for your log-in code, or, look for your code on bills starting December 2016. For any other questions about your bill or service, call the water department at 570-668-0300. The online system will let you view your balance, monitor water usage, and make payments. Note that Munici-Link, the company that offers the online service, will add a minimum $3 service charge for all online payments, none of which goes to the borough.

11/8/2016: No more postcards! Your water, refuse, and sewage bills will now arrive as a statement in an envelope. Amount due and due date are located on the upper right and lower left and are highlighted in yellow.

1/1/2016: The majority of November water bills were sent with "Past Due Balance" stamped at the top. This was a printer error and we apologize for any confusion. Bills with the wrong header were sent to residents in the South Ward and North Ward.

The Tamaqua Area Water Authority serves more than 7,000 households in the Borough of Tamaqua, Rush Township, and parts of West Penn and Schuylkill Townships. The Still Creek Reservoir, with a capacity of 2.9 billion gallons of water, provides the supply and is treated at the Still Creek Treatment Plant.

Water supply intakes are located at the Still Creek Reservoir. Approximately 7.1 square miles of land from Schuylkill and Carbon counties drain into the creek upstream from the intake. The land upstream of the intakes is 8.2% agricultural, 82% forested/greenspace, and less than 1% developed. Water withdrawn from the Still Creek is coagulated, settled, filtered, and disinfected with chlorine prior to distribution to customers. Drinking water quality meets or exceeds all state or federal requirements.

Water for Industry

The Tamaqua Area Water Authority meets on the third Monday of the month from January through November and on the second Monday in December at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, Tamaqua Municipal Building, 320 E. Broad St., Tamaqua.

Still Creek Filtration Plant
595 Claremont Avenue, Tamaqua


Code Enforcement and Zoning
Josh Esposito, Code Enforcement Officer
Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-noon or by appointment

Tamaqua Borough Zoning Map